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KOHLER Veil Suspended toilet saves space with a modern design Veil toilet with powerful water saving and customizable height


Combining intelligent design, high performance and easy functionality, Kohler Co. offers a suspended dual-discharge toilet. Wall-mounted toilets are very popular solutions for modern bathrooms and Veil offers the added advantage of space saving and water, has a hidden tank and a saving of up to 30.5 cm of space in the bathroom, compared to Models of Kohler floor toilets.  Its dual discharge technology allows to choose between a discharge of 3 liters for light wastes and a 6 liters for a heavy discharge, which are activated by a wall-mounted drive plate giving a uniform, modern and incredibly easy to use appearance and clean.  Veil is a high efficiency toilet according to the WaterSense program and meets the requirements for disabled users - ADA when the height of the installation follows the guidelines, making it a great option for inclusion in a Wide variety of projects, both residential and commercial  The dual-discharge actuator plate, which can be removed for easy access to the tank's internal components, as well as the toilet, are offered in a variety of finishes and the bowl is offered in a variety of Kohler colors to match The perfection with the decoration of any bathroom.





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